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About Newcastle Stevedores

Newcastle Stevedores commenced operations on 3rd March, 1997, with the discharge of Petroleum Coke on behalf of Kooragang Bulk Facilities. From these humble beginnings Newcastle Stevedores has become the leading provider of bulk and general cargo stevedoring services in the Port of Newcastle.


A winning combination of our old fashioned values, our experienced and loyal workforce,

and our client focused operations all create an exceptional stevedoring service that will surprise you.


We have worked hard to create a company with a strong legacy,

and we are immensely proud of who we are.


Where we work

With the ability to operate across all wharves in Newcastle, as well as Port Jackson in Sydney,

we have flexibility to work around your needs, and the best solution for you.

 Eastern Basin No 1 or 2 berths provide undercover storage shed facilities

Western Basin No 4 berth features rail access direct under ships hook

Mayfield No 4 berth services container trades and project cargo

Kooragang 2 and 3 handles bulk cargoes

Our Legacy

Being a family owned business, we are proud of our 25 year history, and the legacy we have worked hard to create.

In this time, we have worked over 6,500 ships., resulting in a company of experience, and of having 'proved' ourselves in the industry.  Our family culture has meant an incredibly low turn over of staff, resulting in an experienced team that works extremely well together.  Investing in our employees and our local community has been a core value from the beginning, providing a local impact extending far beyond our own valued employees.

Looking towards the future, we want to increase our innovative practices, to further hone our skills,

and train up a new generation of stevedores.

Our Process

Our goal is to make your life easier.

Not only can we look after your cargo during the loading or unloading, but we can also arrange any transport or storage that you need.  Our arrangements in the port are more flexible than most, allowing for a change of labour arrangements if required. 

In addition, our partnerships with transport providers allow for a seamless operation.


Our experience allows us to expertly navigate the requirements you have; allowing us to create a custom plan, tailored for you and your cargo. 


Our strong workforce of 125, our fleet of 30 machines, and our network of transport providers provide a strong foundation and capacity for completing any job.


Alongside our hands-on General Manager James and Operations Manager Mark,

you will find our two onsite wharf superintendents Darrel and Jeff, as well as a Grade 6 supervisor on each job.


With 24/7 access to management and all port facilities, you can be assured your job will be closely monitored both day and night.

We just don't stop working.

Our Community Support

Being one of our core values, community support has always been an important part of Newcastle Stevedores.  

We have supported a wide variety of charities and community groups, from Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Gotcha back Sista, Mission to Seafarers, many local Junior and Senior sporting teams, Starstruck, HMRI, and local surfing and bowling clubs.

We are proud of our commitment to our local community, and the changes we have helped make over the years.

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